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Bree Tranter will be holding her first ever photography exhibition in Adelaide, SA at ‘The Mill’. From the 8th -13th January 2018.

She will be holding a very special closing showcase night on the 12th January, which will incorporate a live music performance, a talk about the pieces of art on display and the concept. Followed by a 10-15min short film.

An intimate evening of live music, visuals and photography from Bree Tranter.

‘Sensitive Chaos’ is a exhibition that leads the viewer into an intimate space and genuine focus through the language of music, and emotion in colour.

Doors open at 6:00pm. Entry is $10 at the door (limited to max 50 tickets).

This 1 night only showcase is part of the week-long exhibition “Sensitive Chaos” ‘


Bree Tranter Is an artist from the south coast of Sydney, NSW who recently moved to Adelaide. She is primarily a professional musician with a strong interest in photography and the interplay between moving images and music.

Inspired by the ocean and the rhythms left behind, Bree unravels familiar landscapes in her photography. Her work reflects an intimate connection on a macro level and extends to an understanding of the size of the cosmos, and the two intertwining in a dance.

In this body of work, Tranter explores the phenomenon that alter life on earth and change the way we orient ourselves in this world. ‘Sensitive Chaos’ captures through song and film a depiction of the rhythm and melody naturally inspired by the movement of the stars, the moon and the ocean.

Therein, Tranter relays her interpretation of life and creation that was impressed upon her when she once stood at the ocean shoreline and her feet were washed by the foam of the breakers. Her artwork pays respect and captures the ideology discussed in the book, ‘Sensitive Chaos’ by Theodor Schwenk.

‘Sensitive Chaos’ resulted from an adventure that inspired a close connection with nature, overflowing to her passions for photography / filmmaking and music.

The images in ‘Sensitive Chaos’ were taken in NSW on Thirroul Beach and Gili Air, Indonesia.

All pieces are for sale, with or without a frame in various sizes. Please contact her via email if interested in buying –


Write up by Jonathan Boonzaaier –


There is a price sheet below and a gallery guidance name sheet. 


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